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Billboard Locations

Northern Alberta

As Canada’s “Festival City”, Edmonton’s large working demographic and international student population offers excellent opportunities for outdoor advertising, along with the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor (busiest highway in Alberta) for promoting your offerings to literally tens of thousands of DAILY vehicles.

Located on the only stretch of highway North of Edmonton, our Ft. McMurray billboards stand out. If your market caters to the industrial or tourism sector, Fort Mac represents an ideal opportunity.

WEST Edmonton

NORTH Edmonton

  • 8640 Yellowhead Tr. E (A19) Weekly Traffic: 488,000
  • Mayfield Rd. & 163 St. N (A22) Weekly Traffic: 245,000
  • 18550 118a Ave NW (A23/24) Weekly Traffic: 541,000
  • 12920 156 St NW (A30) Weekly Traffic: 22,248

SOUTH Edmonton

Fort McMurray

  • 110 Eymundson Rd. & Casman Ctr E/W (A12/13) Weekly Traffic: N/A
  • 360 Gregoire Dr. N/S (A14/15) Weekly Traffic: N/A
  • Hwy 63 S/O Confederation Way S (A16) Weekly Traffic: 210,000
  • Hwy 63 S/O Morrison St. N/S (A17/18) Weekly Traffic: 210,000

Billboard Locations

Southern Alberta

As Canada’s fifth-largest metropolitan area and home to an annual million-plus population of visitors to the Greatest Show On Earth, Calgary lends itself to premium exposure for high traffic billboard advertising opportunities along major municipal corridors including Barlow Trail, Macleod Trail, Glenmore trail, and Deerfoot Trail.

The reach in Calgary includes a high tourist demographic, students, families, and outdoor enthusiasts.

One of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, Airdrie‘s rural working demographic represent a significant amount of daily commuter traffic along the QEII highway.

And located approximately 45 km South of Red Deer on the QE II highway, Bowden is another prominent venue for more than 170,000 DAILY vehicles along the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor, making these locations prime real estate for your digital billboard campaign.


  • Township Rd 343A (A31) Weekly Traffic: 168,350


  • Hwy 2 and Hwy 567 N/S (A32/33) Weekly Traffic: 389,200


  • 688 Heritage Dr SE #100 688 Heritage Drive SE (A34/35) Weekly Traffic: 201,138
  • 3347 57 Ave SE (A36) Weekly Traffic: 149,700
  • 9559 40 St SE (A37) Weekly Traffic: 151,525

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