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The outdoor billboard advertising industry is primarily made up of digital billboard posters that scatter across any given area. Mainly living in bigger cities like Edmonton, local billboards do their part to feed on a consumerist audience that goes about their day-to-day business, benevolently hindering their sights with numerous selling tactics. It's been stated that the Canadian advertising market placed tenth on the global scale of digital outdoor billboard advertising, with ad expenditures reaching about 9.14 billion USD in 2016.

Edmonton is a city in Canada that's not shy to set up flourishing local digital billboards advertising blatantly. With an approximated population of 1.4 million people, which helped create the metropolis Edmonton is a multicultural center for the best outdoor billboard advertising ads.

Why OOH in Edmonton?

79% of people in Edmonton have noticed OOH in the past seven days.* has extensive high-impact digital inventory throughout the entire city, especially in highway billboard advertising and inside the city's most famous intersections - on Gateway Blv, Yellowhead Trail and Whyte Ave. also provides the best digital graphics for your advertisement coverages. This local digital footprint consolidated with numbers of static billboard advertisings makes the OOH business unmatched for overall coverage.
* source: numberis rts market fall '18(outdoor)*

Famous, aware & relevant

At, we offer the complete Edmonton Outdoor billboard advertising services, from designs to scheduling and reporting. Advertisers must use innovative methods and solutions to reach an ever-changing, fast-paced audience during this new period. Here at, we look into three core buying factors that will not only deliver a triumphant campaign but will have real effects on your business when it ends. These factors are:

63% individuals continue to experience social media fatigue.

Brand recognition

45% of buyers research advertisers after seeing a billboard advertisement.

Brand reputation

More people are noticing advertisements since the pandamic

Brand relevance

Why billboard advertising?

Billboard advertising is more than just placing an advertisement on the side of the road. It’s about bringing the right audience, creating brand engagements and encouraging growth. Given the importance of brand awareness, fame, and relevance over a consumer’s purchasing choices, all campaigns we concentrate on all of these elements depending on your business goals.  
  • 1. The ideal answer to improve your company reach the wanted objective audience.
  •  2. Design and produce standout digital displays in the most craved urban locations that have foot and road traffic.
  • 3. Drive and increase brand exposure and fame.

Interactive digital innovation and paper billboards We focus on the three most effective channels of communication to reach an audience that views and interacts with our displays and takes action. That’s why we lead with the road.


When it gets to expanding your company, nothing is more immeasurable than a powerful billboard advertising campaign. When it comes to efficient Out-of-Home promotion, it serves to have the right relationships. That's where comes in. We help small and mid-sized businesses grow in Edmonton by tapping into the tremendous benefits of using Out-of-Home billboard advertising.


Edmonton is a BIG city, and we have been providing our clients with expert service support in the form of strategic planning, marketing, and performance of OOH Billboard advertising. We handle all phases of your digital billboard campaign, from finding the best available locations that fit within your budget to utilizing our inventory power to get you the best times. In addition, we will take care of your graphics, designs and everything else that requires getting your information out. We only need the art components you want to use and sign off on the final art design. At, we have the right digital billboards, from small retailers to Fortune 500 companies; no business is too small or too large to take advantage of our billboard advertising services.

Why are digital billboards so Important for Advertising in Edmonton?

Our local billboard signs are a great way of advertising your consulting business, law firm, real estate, or sub-trade business. They'll help you attract new business and buyers for your new Edmonton construction company or convenience store. A well-designed digital billboard is well worth the investment if you're looking to grow your company. You can be confident that people will see your billboards making it a very effective way to advertise. You can place your billboard advertisement wherever you feel it will have the most impact. Billboards can be a significant converting point when you have a company to draw traffic to; you can also use digital billboard advertisings near areas where reaching people is difficult.

Why is the go-to Place for Billboards and Advertising in Edmonton?

Bring us press-ready files or work with our in-house graphic designers to create that unique billboard advertising sign that will represent your company to the local audience. We will help you design a graphic if you need it and will be happy to offer you some expert advice. When advertising on a billboard, you need to ensure you maximize the profit you get out of it. Our custom graphic sign experts can have your sign built and installed within a few days wherever you are in Edmonton.

Outdoor Advertising in Edmonton

Edmonton is home to iconic, world-famous landmarks, including Fort Edmonton Park, West Edmonton Mall, and Edmonton's beloved Ice Castles. Across the city, you'll find many historic attractions, museums and galleries to discover, including La Cite Francophone, Sir Winston Churchill Square and the Telus World of Science. Everywhere you turn, there is something to see and do.
As home to the Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton's premier horticultural attraction is also a shopping hotspot with endless options to choose from, including Londonderry Mall, Southgate Mall and the enormous West Edmonton Mall. Nightlife in the capital city is unmatched, with tons of entertainment hotspots to choose from across the city.

Outdoor Advertising in Edmonton

In South Edmonton, we offer a host of outdoor billboard advertising sites across the road networks. Whether you’re a small Edmonton business owner that’s looking to build brand recognition or an established international company that’s launching a new product or service, we’re confident that the Edmonton market will be a great match.

For billboard advertising in West Edmonton, you can choose from sites across the busiest parts of the city, including Yellowhead Trail, 118 Ave and Mayfield Rd.

To reach the attention of purchasers outside of the city of Edmonton, we have a variety of strategically placed outdoor advertising sites in Fort McMurray for you to choose from in locations such as Gregoire Drive, Casman Center and many more.

No matter the size of your company and budget, we’re sure that we’ll have the perfect resolution for you. Contact for your Edmonton billboard advertising needs today! 

Want more local Edmonton customers?

Billboard advertising for all Edmonton businesses, large and small At, we operate over 40 billboards - making us one of the largest billboard estates in Edmonton Alberta. If you know your audience but don't know how to reach them, then we are here to help. See our top Edmonton billboard advertising locations.

New to local outdoor advertising in edmonton?
Still more efficient than they were ten years ago, Edmonton's digital billboard advertising is one of the best investments any small or big local business can make - and this is because it works as passenger levels rise. Edmonton's population has become more mobile and aware. We offer one of the largest roadside billboard advertising inventories - North, East, South, West and Fort McMurray.

Billboard advertising is the most common form of outdoor media buying.
They are a commanding, interruptive campaign that is solid and effective for Edmonton's businesses to promote their services and earn the needed attention to grow.