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Who We Are

LocalBillboards.ca is a network of local business owners dedicated to giving back to their community.

From a Business Perspective, we level the playing field for small and medium business owners when it comes to scaling up their promotional efforts.

Digital billboards are a dominant marketing channel that is often out-of-reach for small businesses. We remove the obstacles that keep business owners on the sidelines by offering the exact same industry-leading advertising opportunities that big brands enjoy. Because we can.

From a Charitable Perspective, we’re committed to our community and offer our resources to promote the benevolent activities of our local service groups.

Throughout the year, we allocate 20% of our billboard inventory (based on availability) to local charities and non-profit organizations. It’s our way of tangibly contributing to the community that selflessly serves us.

Why Work With Us

We’ve developed the in-house resources to provide a full-service cross-platform marketing campaign with the complete range of advertising creatives. That means you can enjoy a turn-key advertising campaign from start to finish without shopping for missing elements.

Our client-first approach to outdoor display media means that we personally manage every aspect of your ad campaign from conception to fulfilment, including any web assets (if applicable), integrated engagement elements like QR codes and live countdowns, and other ideas to generate awareness and excitement for your campaign goal.

Our digital billboards are strategically located on the busiest roadways throughout Alberta to ensure that your marketing message is seen by THOUSANDS of people EVERY DAY!

Ask how you can display your message city-wide for as low as $30/day!

To learn more about how we can bring your brand to life and put your business on your customer’s radar, reach out for a free quote.

Big Screen Advertising

Local Billboards uses the industry-leading LED display provider to ensure that your ads are delivered with the most advanced pixel-level calibration and best-in-class LED display control system.

Your digital ads are able to endure blistering summer heat and freezing winter winds, delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.

High Refresh Rate

Extreme Weather

Energy Efficient

Wide Viewing Angle

High Resolution

Low Power Consumption

Digital Billboard Ads

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Let Local Billboard Help Your Clients

Leverage our industry-leading expertise and professional in-house production team.

Proudly serving Edmonton since 2020, we’re passionate about what we do for small and medium business owners and we extend that solution to agencies wanting to provide more value to their clients.

Our creative experts and campaign managers can provide practical guidance for conceptualizing your client’s campaign goals specific to large-scale digital media, helping you make a positive impact for your clients.

LOCAL BILLBOARDS provides a turn-key solution for both you and your clients as a seamless addon service that you can offer as in in-house offering to your clients for that missing dimension to their advertising efforts.

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